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Arthur Bobbett's Story

Ernest Victor Harding and Ronald Hubert George Light were working at the coalface in No 5 pit at Six Bells colliery when a fall of roof occurred. Mr. Harding was knocked to the ground by a large stone, when he arose he found Mr. Light pinned down by a timber roof support and the roadway behind blocked.

Arthur Bobbett, who was working higher up the face, came to their aid. He crawled beneath the bar and after supporting it in an improvised manner with a jack he began to saw through the support that had trapped Mr. Light.

At this time a second fall of roof occurred. Despite the entreaty from his work mates and against the orders of his superiors and with the debris moving in a threatening manner from time to time, Bobbett continued to work for 45 minute's to free Light.

Unfortunately Dr Kurt Trigger pronounced Mr. Light dead when they arrived at pit bottom. Arthur Bobbett was awarded the Edward Medal for Gallantry and the Daily Herald Order of Industrial Heroism for his bravery.

Arthur Bobbett did not live to receive his medals, as he himself was killed in a roof fall a few weeks later. Six men were killed in nearly as many weeks in the mine at this period in time. The medals were awarded posthumously and were subsequently donated to the Abertillery & District Museum by his family.

Click parts of the picture below to find out more about the items on display in the Arthur Bobbett case:

Bobbett Display Case


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